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Face Mask Mandate Ended posted Friday, May 12, 2023

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Begins: 2023-05-12 00:02:00 (EDT)
Ends: 2023-06-12 23:59:00 (EDT)

With the ending of the COVID-19 National Public Health Emergency (PHE), and per Mass. Department of Health and organizational guidelines, we are pleased to announce the ENDING of the face mask mandate onboard all MGB Transportation shuttle buses/vans. We appreciate all patients', visitors' and employees' cooperation these past three years in doing their part to help stop the spread of all airborne/droplet infectious diseases while onboard our vehicles. Please note that the following general health, safety and etiquette polices remain in effect while onboard our shuttle buses/vans: Eating and Drinking: Consumption of ANY food or beverages is not permitted onboard a shuttle bus/van at ANY time by ANY passenger. Please consume food/beverages OUTSIDE of a shuttle bus/van before boarding. After boarding, please secure these items to prevent spillage onboard. Please continue to enjoy your food/beverages after reaching your shuttle stop and exiting a vehicle. Seating: Passengers are permitted to fill all of the available passenger seats of a shuttle bus/van, with priority seating given to passengers with disabilities, elderly passengers, and parents/guardians holding small children. When a vehicle is not full, passengers are certainly encouraged, but not required, to spread out as much as possible from those not in their own party in the interest of social distancing. Standees: Standees are permitted on shuttle buses on the basis of one-person-per row. For safety, a vehicle aisle should be kept clear of all obstructions, with the exception of service dogs. Walkers and strollers should be folded and secured out of the aisle. Passengers utilizing a wheelchair or mobility scooter will have the mobile unit secured in the proper securement area. Hand Hygiene: All passengers are advised to perform hand hygiene when entering and exiting shuttle buses. We are pleased to provide hand sanitizing dispensers onboard all shuttle buses, up front near the driver's area. Smoking/Vaping: Smoking/vaping is NEVER permitted onboard shuttle buses/vans, nor within 25 FEET of any hospital entrances/exits, including the entrance/exit doors to our vehicles. When in doubt as to where to smoke/vape, please seek out a designated smoking/vaping area. Thank you for riding, and thank you again for your cooperation these past three years! We wish you a safe, happy, healthy rest of 2023 and beyond!