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7/08/2022: Infection Control Policies Remain in Effect for ALL Passengers posted Friday, July 08, 2022

Other effect due to Other cause
Begins: 2022-07-08 15:02:00 (EDT)
Ends: 2022-10-28 23:59:00 (EDT)

Face Covering Policy Overview: This is a reminder to ALL patients, visitors AND employees riding Transportation Department shuttle buses/vans that the shuttle buses/vans are bound by the same face covering policy as all other interior hospital spaces accessible by the general public where social distancing is not adequate at all times. There are NO exceptions for previous recovery from COVID-19 and/or proof of vaccination. Face Covering Policy Details: A face covering (hospital-grade face mask preferred*) must be worn correctly by ALL passengers over two (2) years old at all times while on board, covering the nose and mouth. Passengers not wishing to comply with this policy will be advised by a driver to seek alternate means of transportation. For everyone's safety, we ask for everyone's cooperation with this requirement for the short duration that a passenger is on board a shuttle bus/van. Our shuttle buses/vans will continue to carry a LIMITED supply of hospital-grade face masks for any passenger who presents at a shuttle stop without one. Eating and Drinking: Consumption of ANY food or beverages is not be permitted on board a shuttle bus/van at ANY time by ANY passenger. Please consume food/beverages OUTSIDE of a shuttle bus/van before boarding. After boarding, please secure these items to prevent spillage onboard. Please continue to enjoy your food/beverages after reaching your stop and exiting a vehicle. Seating: Passengers, with a proper face covering, are permitted to fill all of the available passengers seats of a shuttles bus/van, with priority seating given to passengers with disabilities, elderly passengers and parents/guardians holding small children. When a vehicle is not full, passengers are certainly encouraged, but not required, to spread out as much as possible from those not in their own party in the interest of social distancing. Standees: Standees are permitted on the basis of one-person-per row. For both social distancing and safety, a vehicle aisle should be kept clear of all obstructions, with the exception of service dogs. Walkers and strollers should be folded and secured out of the aisle. Passengers utilizing a wheelchair or mobility scooter will have the mobile unit secured in the proper securement area. Hand Hygiene: All passengers are advised to perform hand hygiene when entering and exiting shuttle buses. We are pleased to provide hand sanitizing dispensers onboard all shuttle buses, up front near the driver's area. We thank you for riding and appreciate your cooperation. Have a great summer! *Note that at the hospital facilities themselves, all patients, visitors and employees not wearing a hospital-grade face mask or equivalent may be required to remove others types of face coverings (shirts, scarves, bandanas, etc.) and wear a hospital-grade face mask upon entry.

MGH - Navy Yard: NEW Stop for CNY 149 on 9/6/2022 (Urgent) posted Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Stop moved due to Service change
Affects: Begins: 2022-09-06 04:45:00 (EDT)
Ends: 2022-10-07 02:00:00 (EDT)

Please be advised that, beginning Tuesday, 9/6/2022, the shuttle stop for CNY 149 is MOVED to the sign pole on 13th St just before the 2nd Ave Ramp/Alleyway: https://goo.gl/maps/LHTsd3iST9XnAE9v8 All MGH - Navy Yard shuttle buses and N Station - Navy Yard rush hour "helper" shuttle buses will drop off and pick up at this new location. Per Transportation Department protocol, buses more than five minutes ahead-of-schedule will vacate the stop after de-boarding all passengers. The next departing bus will approach the stop for boarding 2-5 minutes before departure time. Note: this stop change DOES NOT affect the N Station - Spaulding "Express" shuttle buses, which will continue to use the stop on 3rd Ave close to 16th St. [This is a permanent change--this Alert will display for a month to ensure that as many people as possible are informed of the change.]